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GrainBridge has taken all of the components needed to manage risk on your farm and integrated them into one easy-to-use online system. The GrainBridge Planner, Manager, and Trader tools give you the resources needed to organize and efficiently track your grain production.

Yield Protection

Yield Protection (YP) and Actual Production History (APH) are multiple-peril crop insurance products that provide protection against losses in yield due to nearly all natural disasters. For most crops that includes drought, excess moisture, cold and frost, wind, flood, and avoidable damage from insects and disease. These products guarantee a yield based on an individual producer's actual production history. If the production to count is less than the yield quarantee, the indemnity is paid.

Revenue Production

Revenue Protection (RP) and Revnue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE) are multiple-peril crop insurance products that are based on the Commodity Exchange Price Provisions (CEPP) prices and protects against production loss, price decline or increase, or a combination of both.

Group Risk Income Protection

Group Risk Income Protection is a county-based revenue insurance product that pays the producer in the event the county average per-acre revenue falls below the trigger revenue level selected by the producer. GRIP is based on the same principle as Group Risk Protection (GRP), but guarantees revenue instead of yield. GRIP also has the Harvest Revenue Option available, which uses the greater of the expected price or the harvest price to figure the producer's trigger revenue and policy protection.

Group Risk Protection

Group Risk Protection (GRP) is designed as a risk managment tool to insure against widespread loss of production of the insured crop in a county. GRP is primarily intended for use by those producers whose farm yields tend to follow the average county yield. GRP is a county-based insurance product that pays the producer an indemnity in the event the county yeild falls below the trigger yield selected by the producer.

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Wathen Insurance was started in the fall of 1982 by Tom and Joyce Wathen. While running a corn and soybean farming operation themselves, the opportunity to help other producers with their risk management decisions was very intriguing and appealing to Tom and Joyce. With a great deal of Passion and genuine interest in their policyholders the Wathen agency grew beyond their expectations, which provided the next generation of the Wathen's an opportunity to join the business. Keeping the business in the family provides for excellent quality control while affording attention to detail. We look forward to providing personalized service for our customers in the pursuit of continued success and who knows maybe our next generation will build upon what we started. Thanking you all for our continued success and wishing you a most prosperous year!

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