Post-Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE)


The Post-Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) provides supplemental coverage for producers who split-apply nitrogen to their corn crop. PACE will indemnify policyholders who commit to split-applying nitrogen fertilizer and subsequently find themselves unable to carry out adequate nitrogen application during the growing season, and who suffer a projected yield loss as a result.

Coverage Details

In order to receive an indemnity under the PACE program, the producer must have been physically prevented from performing the post-application of nitrogen during the insured period due to weather and field conditions.

The insured period under PACE consists of a two-to-three week window covering the V3-V10 corn growth stages. For details as to the specific time frame, please refer to the actuarial documents for the insured county. Policyholders may select a PACE coverage level from 75% to 90%, in 5% increments. This coverage level may differ from the level selected for the underlying policy.