Two adjacent fields - wheat and corn in rural Indiana

Area Revenue Protection covers against loss of yield due to county production loss and loss of revenue due to a county level production loss, price decline, or combination of both. A producer can choose Area Revenue Protection with or without Harvest Price Exclusion.

ARP/ARP-HPE are county-based revenue insurance products that pay the producer in the event the final county revenue falls below the Trigger Revenue level selected by the producer. ARP/ARP-HPE are based on the same principle as Area Yield Protection (AYP), but guarantees revenue instead of yield.

ARP is similar to ARP-HPE, but with an added Harvest Revenue Option. For additional premium, this plan offers “upside” Harvest Price Protection by valuing lost bushels at the Harvest Price in addition to the coverage offered under ARP-HPE. ARP will pay a loss when the County Revenue is less than the Trigger Revenue, which is calculated using the higher of the Projected Price or Harvest Price.

How Does It Work?

  • Uses county yields based on National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS) data
  • ​ The Commodity Exchange Price Provisions (CEPP) are used to determine the Projected and Harvest Prices
  • Pays indemnity if county per-acre revenue is lower than selected trigger revenue
  • May select with or without the Harvest Revenue Option

Coverage Level
Coverage levels range from 70% – 90% in 5% increments.

Per-acre premiums will depend on the county of the insured crop, unit structure, the crop’s APH yield, and price elections. Higher coverage levels and higher elected prices result in higher premiums.

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