Innovations in agriculture have intervened and helped farmers overcome the potentially adverse effects of extreme weather conditions and increased global demand for food. Technology and farm innovations bring confidence to farmers around the world through trailblazing techniques and devices designed to increase efficiency and create sustainable cultivation practices. Here are some examples.


  1. The Calf Bottle Holder

A farmer in Nemaha, Iowa, invented a unique and creative way to feed calves, helping his children get their chores done sooner. He used a chunk of an old privacy fence and connected lag bolts a quarter of an inch in from each side. Then, he attached it to a fence at an angle with pieces of 24-inch wood, so that the calves can get every bit of milk out of their bottles while other chores are being done.


  1. The Repurposed Forklift

This farm innovation is perfect for farmers who have back problems or who just need a break from hauling heavy objects up and down. A Wellington, Ohio farmer bought an old, unusable forklift, and repurposed it to use in his shop. He salvaged the forklift’s mast and installed it into his shop as a hydraulic elevator that can move up to 1,500 pounds.

After the mast of the forklift was removed and mounted to the shop floor, the farmer attached some overhead beams at the top of his shop. The hydraulic pump was then connected to an electric motor. A switch to activate the pump and the motor was then mounted on some protective sheet metal, covering the mast. He even added a safety switch that stops the pump immediately if an individual bar is lifted by an arm or other parts sticking out of the lift.


  1. Quick Clean-up

This farm innovation is for those who hate the clean-up process. A smart farmer in Page, North Dakota, coated his shop floor with an industrial epoxy coating that is fuel, oil, and heavy equipment resistant. He claims it makes the floor much easier to clean up, and it keeps the floor’s integrity intact when using heavy machinery.


  1. Boost Your Cell Service

A couple of innovative farmers from Edwardsport, Indiana, were tired of not having any cell service inside their shop’s metal walls. They installed a cell phone repeater into the ceiling of their main workshop and claim that it instantly cured their cell-service problem. A cell phone repeater, or booster as they’re sometimes called, can cost anywhere from $100-$300, but they believe it’s worth it.


  1. Painting Project Support

Have you ever had trouble with paint getting tacky and stuck into the lid of the can? A farmer from Northwood, Iowa created a farm innovation by cutting out a piece of cardboard slightly bigger than the rim of the can. Then, he cut a slot in the cardboard hole, just large enough that a paintbrush can easily go in and out. It keeps excess paint from collecting in the rim and provides a convenient spot to wipe off excess paint from the brush while you’re painting.

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