No one in the world is more innovative than farmers, and that includes their DIY tools around the farm. From modifying storage space to catching pests once and for all, a farmer will inevitably learn how to maximize time, space, and money. These farmer innovations might just make their way onto your to-do list!


Farmer Innovation: Mousetrap


Having trouble with mice? This farmer innovation is especially efficient. All you need is a mousetrap, cheese (or peanut butter), and a cheesecloth.

One clever farmer was getting tired of meddling mice getting the cheese but not tripping the trap. The issue then became that the mice weren’t making enough movement to trip it. This farmer wrapped some peanut butter in cheesecloth, luring mice in and requiring them to tug on the cheesecloth and thus snapping the trap shut.


Farmer Innovation: The Culvert Cutoff


This farmer innovation is perfect for livestock lovers. If you have livestock, you might really need to use this trick.

This farmer innovation uses a culvert screen to keep young cattle in their place. The culvert screen was made from heavy chains hanging down and welded about eight inches apart. When it hangs horizontally it allows water and debris to pass through but keeps the livestock in.


Farmer Innovation: Extra Storage


Farmers can never have enough storage, and this farmer-designed planter wheel storage idea is quite unique.

A farmer in South Dakota welded scrap iron into a T-shape and bolted it to the side of the wheel of his planter. Now, when something unexpected happens, he switches the broken wheel for a new one within five minutes. It’s a quick and easy workaround, and he replaces the bearings in his shop the next day. This rancher revolution is quite the time-saver, which is why it made the list of our best farmer innovations this season.


Farmer Innovation: Loading Tip


Another storage tip comes from a farmer in Illinois. He spent four hours modifying a planter for seed tender hopper cover lids. This way, he has convenient storage right alongside his seed tender. He no longer has to leave the lids behind anymore, and they come in handy if it starts to rain.


Farmer Innovation: Floater Tires=Mineral Feeders


Have any floater tires lying around the farmland? Try using them as mineral feeders. An Ohio farmer realized that if he stood them upright, they wouldn’t fall over, as long as the tire was positioned against the wind properly.

He cut beads as the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and removed four inches of sidewall from the top half of the tire. This floater tire has an opening just big enough to for two cows at one time. Voila! Use this farmer innovation trick, and you’ll be saving money and the environment by recycling.

Wathen Insurance has seen its share of farmer-innovated tools across the country. What about you? What interesting tools have you created from necessity around the farm? Call us today at 765-676-9666 and tell us all about it, and we’ll let you know all the ways we can help you do even more.