Although we can’t control nature, we can prepare for severe weather. At Wathen Insurance, we understand that as a farmer, your crops are your livelihood. It’s your job to understand soil moisture, temperature increases and decreases, and nutrient levels. And, because we know that the biggest factor you can’t control is weather, our job is to make sure poor weather conditions never diminish the results of your hard work.

The Severe Weather That Could Affect Your Crops

Non-farmers understand the need for rain to provide water to growing crops. They don’t think about the other kinds of weather that farmers keep a watchful eye on throughout the growing season. We want you to know we are thinking of you as we see different weather conditions rolling in from the heavens. From our experience, we know these are the weather conditions that wreak havoc on farms:

  • Hail – Hail is one of the scariest, most worrisome weather events for farmers. Unlike a car, you can’t just pull your crops into the safety of a garage. The severity largely depends on the frequency and the size of the hail. Hail can destroy an entire crop.
  • Tornadoes – A tornado is one of the most severe weather events nature can throw at a farmer. Once you are safe from the twister, you may begin worrying about the health of your crops. Tornadoes can turn whole fields upside down and send your seeds hundreds of miles away.
  • Flooding – With storms come the rains, and with the rain comes the flooding. A flooded crop can leave a farmer feeling helpless. What is there to do but wait for the water to dissipate? In the meantime, flooding could damage or kill your crops, depleting them of oxygen and increasing the risk of disease.
  • Drought – On the other side of the spectrum is a drought. We know you depend on proper amounts of rain or water to keep your crops healthy. A lack of water could delay growth. Not only that but a drought requires you to work much harder to keep your crops alive and well.

Stay Abreast of Useful Technology for Weather

Innovation happens quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be able to harness the power of agricultural technology. Mobile weather stations are broadcasting future weather right now to laptops and cell phones across the globe.

These weather stations not only predict incoming weather but eventually, they will be able to send you a weather alert right to your phone or computer. For example, you could receive a text letting you know of future rainfall levels. You would then have plenty of time to make adjustments, like emptying irrigation tanks, that will prevent the loss of crops.

Another exciting upcoming development is the invention of soil-moisture sensor networks for areas prone to drought. By sharing detailed weather information, farmers can conserve water and lower their water usage to be better prepared to deal with a dry spell.

Insurance makes it possible to mitigate the economic losses resulting from weather-damaged crops. This way, farmers are protected from climatic or biological risks that might affect the yield, quality, and survival of crops.

We’re a family-owned business  here at Wathen Insurance and we understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your farm. We want to keep you and your family safe year-round. Give us a call at 765-676-9666. Let’s work together to figure out the right plan for you.