Rural internet access has never been more essential. Children need it for schoolwork, and farm families need it to run their agricultural businesses. Access to the internet also creates and molds entire communities. This critical contact promotes entrepreneurship, travel and tourism, and encourages new means and opportunities for remote workers.


Rural Internet Access for Your Farm Business


A speedy internet connection is necessary to carry out different activities, both personal and professional. As we move through 2020, both small and large businesses are finding the benefits of internet access more and more appealing. Of course, the internet isn’t the only way to interact in rural areas, but it is an indispensable tool to connect with everything the world has to offer.

According to an updated broadband report, almost 88% of the population in Indiana has a fast broadband connection. Additionally, 96% of Hoosiers have access to wired internet service. These statistics are promising, given that so much of Indiana is made up of rural farming communities.

Having high-quality internet access is just as important. Even for those with access, the quality of service is often poor, limiting their potential to take full advantage of the latest technologies for their farm business, and making it difficult to bridge the digital divide. Simply put, a farm business needs reliable rural internet access to succeed in today’s world.


Rural Internet Access for Education


The necessity of rural internet access doesn’t stop with the family business. Kids and young adults attending college must have fast internet in order to complete schoolwork, get good grades, and graduate. Slow internet speeds in rural Indiana communities can create a load of problems.

What does having a slower download speed mean in practice? Assuming that students have access at a speed of 5 Mbps, this allows them to send emails, surf the internet, and use online payment applications. At this speed, however, students and teachers won’t be able to connect to conduct video conferencing or HD video streaming, which requires speeds five times faster.

Unfortunately, the lowest download speeds are found in the most vulnerable communities, including the poorest urban sectors, small rural towns, and in particular, women living in rural areas, distancing these populations even further from opportunities in the digital classroom.

One Less Thing to Worry About


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